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At Marree Aboriginal School we educate students from Preschool to Year 12, in a nurturing and stimulating learning environment, with a focus on developing the skills needed for all students to make their way in the world. Class sizes are small, which enables teachers to cater for individuals and to personalise learning activities, depending on what stage each student is at, on their learning journey. 

Quality teaching and learning at Marree Aboriginal School is about ensuring a robust curriculum that reflects an understanding of the changing nature of young people as learners and the challenges and demands that will continue to shape learning in the future. The school’s broad educational goals include supporting students to become successful learners, confident individuals and active and informed citizens and develop a strong sense of identity.


In the preschool play is the main teaching tool for preschool learning.’ Play allows ‘children to ask questions, solve problems and engage in critical thinking’ with adult support. At Marree educators intentionally teach through play and activity and assess the development of each individual and then design learning and intentional teaching opportunities to build on children’s current understanding.

The link will take you to the Early Years Learning Framework (PDF 2.2MB) document. 

Reception to Year 10

The Australian Curriculum guides teaching and learning programs for students from Reception to Year 10. Information for parents on the Australian Curriculum is below by clicking on the links:

Australian Curriculum



    Years 1 and 2


    Years 3 and 4


    Years 5 and 6


    Years 7 and 8


    Years 9 and 10


    SACE – Years 11 and 12

    All Year 11 & 12 students select from specialty subjects which accumulate enough credits for them to achieve their SACE Certificate by the end of Year 12.